Migraines Healing by Crystals

Crystal healing and cure


Our life is becoming Fast, hectic and tensed. With so much stress and tiring routine - Migraines are almost a part of our life. With harmful drugs and hundreds of home remedies we have tried it all. Some work - some don't . Crystal healing is worth trying along with your existing treatment. It might not independently cure your migraine problem like magic - but will sure compliment your cure.

I personally try to skip the drugs to avoid long term harm to the body - but sometimes when it becomes beyond bearable I have to bite it out. My Grandmother is 100 years in age and her mantra is to never take that pill.

With being involved in crystals & their magical properties since I was 16 years - today with all the experience of mine as well as many I have been able to connect world-wide - I can surely say that crystals can do wonders to your migraine problem. There is not only belief with it - but also science to support the magical crystals.

An Amethyst Healing Mala or a Simple necklace around the throat chakra can help balance the flow of entire nervous system and help in migraines big time. Here is what Amethyst Crystals can do for you : 

Crystal healing & Amethyst

  • Best Crystal healing Gem for the Brain
  • It helps in balancing the nervous system as well as blood circulation
  • It relaxes stress and fatigue 
  • Helps in relaxing nervous & circulatory system of our body and calms the mind.
  • One of the Best Gem for Migraines 

How can you use a Crystals for healing ?

I would be specific to migraines - since we are discussing remedies to migraine here.

There are several myths & superstitions related to crystal healing over the internet and elsewhere - though crystal healing is one of the most easiest and purest form of healing known to mankind. 

Our Crystal is Amethyst which we will be using as cure for migraine  - we can use it in 2 ways to help your Migraines -

1.) Use a Tumbled, Cabochon or Worry Stone - These are just 3 types of shapes - A tumble is an irregular gem polished from all sides. A cabochon is flat at the bottom and curved on top, while a worry stone is similar to cabochon but has a slight curve on the flat back.

Once you have the crystal - you need to purify it - Just take clean Tap water - put the crystal overnight and it's ready to use whenever you have migraines - Just roll over your forehead from left to right 7 times and right to left 4 times. You can repeat the same 3 times in 10 minute intervals. The healing properties of the amethyst crystal can do wonders to your migraine problem and without any side effects. Personally I would suggest to at least try it once. 

2.) A healing Necklace or Mala - Sometimes we might not be able to give out 20 minutes to our migraine. Specially during meetings, in office hours, in parties and all such places where you never need it to happen. So for those times and for those who have severe migraine issues - you can have a Simple round beads amethyst necklace or a bracelet in your left wrist. The circular design keeps the circulation flow in the same pattern - The properties of amethyst bring calmness to your nervous system and is a great precaution to migraines. As they say precaution is better than cure. 

Crystals are gift of nature and like any other gift of nature - they too have abundance of healing properties being composed with different minerals and energy. Proper use of these crystals can do wonders to your health and well being and also develop a better personality and human being out of you. 


Happy Crystal Healing to all <3 

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