Gemsmore has been a great success story in itself

Gemsmore has been a great success story in itself. And are more proud that we have been featured on paypal merchant success stories. Thanking paypal for the same and also each immensely hard working hand in Shubham Jewels.

Gemsmore - A Shubham Jewels company originally started through marketplaces. Now prominent on more than 35 marketplaces all over the world through partnerships. Slowly we have built presence on social media through the immense love for our unique handcrafted products. And finally started our Lovely Store gemsmore which has grown 200% YOY and now has one of the largest collection on unique Gemstone Carvings, Loose Gemstones of more than 200 types, Handmade bracelets and Necklace, Healing Crystals and Reiki products. Recently we have also added Loose Strands, Loose Beads and Jewelry making supplies to make it a complete go to place for any crystal lover. 

We have been online since 2003 - before the big ecommerce bubble and have seen all the ups and downs. We support the biggest hand crafting community in India and more than 50 families earn their livelihood from amazing products they help us to offer on our store.

Each item of our store represents nature and the amazing art of hand crafting be it gemstone carvings, beaded bracelets, necklaces, healing crystals and so much more.

We hope to touch more hearts all over the world and make more friends in our journey ahead and support more families as we move further. 


Gemsmore team

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