The Social Responsibility

The skill , art & history of jewelry beaders and artisans is unmatched. With modernization we are losing this rich art and is soon to diminish in few decades.


Artisans find that their children want a better living and are more inclined towards modern office jobs given the fact that they have access to better education and facilities. This leaves the art and skill to diminish by the day and completely fade away in years to come.

Shubham jewels with their gemsmore initiative bring in these artisans work and try to preserve the skill they have by training new people with the art the possess. More than 40 families of artisans are directly or indirectly earn their livelihood from the amount of work shubham jewels brings for them from across the globe. Its a amazing feeling to see the smile on them and also makes them feel proud that their art and skill is appreciated by so many in around the world.

At Shubham jewels its our first priority to use hands over machine and this in turn helps bring huge skilled work for these artisans. Not a single jewelry piece beaded is done by machine and is all by hand at Shubham jewels. 

Indian jewelry making artisans


Today our team of Artisans is more than 100 - We have 80% of them as women - We strive to add more by end of 2019. 

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