Horses - Our Top 3 Gemstone Carved Horses

Horse is a symbol of strength , Good luck & Fortune since the time of emperors and kings. You will see Horse paintings, Sculptures , moldings, tattoos, Heena Designs and much more. All this for the love of Beauty and amazing good luck that the designs bring to you.

If you ever wanted to gift someone something unique yet meaningful and full of luxury - we bring you 3 amazing pieces of world's most unique gemstone Horse Carvings.

The beauties will form an amazing attraction be it on the desk of your office or on a wall uniquely placed to be the talking point for everybody that enters your home or office. 

Your Love of Horses Re-defined <3


NO-3 - Black Spinel Gemstone Carved Horse


No2- Black Spinel Horse Bust


No-1 - Green Jade Running Gemstone Horse 

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