Ganesha Hand Carved Statue Carvings

Lord Ganesha - The hindu GOD is believed to be the symbol of Good Luck, Fortune & Riches. In Hindu religion it is believed that ever new auspicious work is started with the name of Lord Ganesha and Lord Ganesha is your savior in all your future problems. Lord Ganesha Gemstone Crystal carved Statues are one of the most beautiful gifts you can gift. Each of our crystals are pure and complete hand carved from genuine gemstone roughs. Our craftsman are skilled generations of amazing artist that have kept the tradition and art alive

Each of our carvings are 100% Hand carved - Made from Pure Genuine Gemstone Crystals and Each product has the actual image of the carvings clicked which you will receive.

Fluorite Ganesha

Fluorite is on of the most pure crystals and has most varied colors - you can find a neon green fluorite , a very shinny violet fluorite , and even amazing multicolor fluorite. The color of the fluorite is even more amazing when seen under sunlight or any other direct source of light including bulbs, lamps tube lights etc, Fluorite is semi translucent and light passes vividly through there beautiful crystals. Being very soft and fragile it is extremely difficult to carve a Fluorite crystal into carvings. The most skilled artisans and days of hard work is required to carve them which ranges from 3 days to even few months depending upon the size of the masterpiece. Here are few extremely Beautiful Fluorite Ganesha's we have up in store for you                            

Labradorite Ganesha

Labradorite is one of the most amazing gems that has the property of  spectrolite - that is to change color at different angels of light. Since 2012 Labradorite has gained immense popularity due to its unique property of changing colors and is one of the most used crystals in handmade jewelry. Labradorite flashes Blue, Green, Orange and green colors at different light angles. The pink color change is most popular and such Labradorite crystals come at a big premium. Carving from a Labradorite Crystal and maintain the essence of its color change is one of the most artistic tasks. The beauty of a perfectly carved Ganesha in a Labradorite Crystal is just a treat for eyes. Have a Look at few beauties below.

gemstone labradorite crystal ganesha statute carving

"The labradorite Ganesha I received is amazing and carved with so much detail. It is my best gift ever."

By Julianne Vooys

"I am in love with the Gemstone Ganesha Carvings, brings a smile to my face and positive thoughts."

By Anthony Vasquez

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