The Story behind Gemsmore - by Shubham Jewels

A traditional jewelry business about 4 decades old turned to online ecommerce in 2003 - And in 15 years from there - Shubham Jewels transformed in one of the most Loved gemstone brands in USA

Selling Mostly through marketplaces & Social Channels - And too tied up to start and allocate time for a standalone purely customer Friendly Website. Trying Top technologies and big designer companies didn't get us the desired result for years.

Finally by establishing an in house development team and months of hardwork lead to

The idea behind gemsmore was to bring to our buyers a simplified way to buy amazing gemstones & crystals at best prices and doorstep delivery. From an ear of Metals to Diamonds and then glass - The trends have changed and people prefer jewelry that is natural. Gems - Gifts of Nature come in so many colors - forms and patterns that you hardly need to switch to something else. At Gemsmore you can find all these with ease and a trust that Shubham jewels has built since decades.

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